“Mommy and Me”

“Mommy and Me”

How many pictures do you have of your children where you are actually IN the picture?  If you are like me, not very many.  As hard as I try, I still never actually hand my camera over so that my face will be in the picture too, so my kids will know, hey Mom was there too….

“Mommy and Me” Sessions give you a chance to change that.  I am offering a limited number of these sessions due to lack of availability in my schedule.  However, I am so excited to be able to do these again!  This year, I really want my clients to think outside the box- I can help guide you in choosing a location and even what will be happening in the photographs if you would like!

Tell me about your child/children and what you guys actually enjoy doing together.  I can promise 99% of you will not say “posing for a camera.”  But, there are many things that can be fun and relaxed, and I would love to capture these moments for you.

A very good example of what I am describing is shown in part of my session with Olivia and her daughter, Bowyn.  Olivia booked a regular session over a month ago, so she has a whole  different look in addition to what you will see here, but with it just being the two of them in the pictures, it gives you a good idea of how a “Mommy and Me” Session could go…

She told me right from the start – my child is hard to photograph.  She is a runner.  Oh boy, I have my share of runners, haha!  It just means I am going to be a little more tired at the end of the session, not a big deal.  We initially planned a trip to the park where Bowyn could play.  However, we opted for something different, and in my opinion, so much better!

A couple of white sheets, some paint and paint brushes and you can occupy a 3 year old for a good little while!  Once Bowyn understood it was ok to get paint all over herself and her mommy….she began to laugh and play and really enjoy creating her artwork, not paying me very much attention at all.  Perfection.  A happy little girl who Mama could grab for a quick second to smile at the camera, and then the rest of the time I was just circling them, photographing Mom and daughter playing with paint.

A paint war, toddler style!  Who hasn’t seen or heard of that being photographed before?!  So common!  So simple!  But, so perfect when all you really want is to be IN the picture and not fighting a crying child trying to smile and pose!

Take a look…I think I captured Olivia and sweet Bowyn perfectly.  You may not want messy or anything even close to what you see in their photographs.  However, there are tons of ideas I have for sessions like this one.  Now, what can we come up with for your “Mommy and Me” Session?!

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