“A Whole Lot of Love”

“This is My Why”

This is a personal blog post with a little bit of new session information mixed all in.  First and foremost, those of you who know me personally, know I am the most sentimental person ever!  I keep everything!  From movie ticket stubs to old clothes to anything that once had value or meaning to me.  The normal term for that would be a “packrat,” but I don’t particularly like that term.  I just like to think that I like to relive moments of my life sometimes and the easiest way to do that is not always by memory.  Sometimes, you need something tangible or even better, a photograph, to refer to a particular date in time.

As a child, I can remember sitting outside my Grandma Ford’s house in the dead middle of a blistering hot summer on a black metal iron bench helping shuck corn.  It had to be done just right- which meant all the silks better be gone when I took it back in the house.  I wasn’t the only one subjected to the child labor (as I thought of it then).  My sister and my cousin also had to join in on the fun.  What I wouldn’t give for a photograph of the 3 of us, red-faced, sweaty, with bags of corn in front of us that had to all be shucked so Grandma could blanch it and put it up in the freezer.

Another memory…we always picked the blueberries from the bush in her front yard.  She always gave us the same little yellow basket.  The three of us would usually skip around that bush seeing who could pick them the fastest.  What I wouldn’t give for a photograph of that basket full of blueberries and 3 little girls beaming with pride at the task completed for Grandma.

As a photographer, these are the type sessions I ultimately want to shoot for my clients.  Daily things that you don’t even realize will one day be such precious memories to you or your children.  This year, for Mother’s and Father’s Day, I am booking a very limited amount of “A Whole Lot of Love” sessions.  Don’t worry, I am still booking traditional “Mommy and Me” and “Daddy and Me” sessions.  This is just an additional option for those of you who want something different.

I will help you plan and coordinate your session as far as location, clothing and every other detail you would like help with.  Most often you overlook the ordinary things that make for perfect session opportunities that are revealed easily to me after just talking a little with you.  We can use your home or your yard or move the location to somewhere simple such as the park.  If you have a family pet that is considered a second child, we can include them as well!  The possibilities are endless, and it is my job to help you create a session meant for your family!

I am sharing a few pictures of my own that to me, show “A Whole Lot of Love.”  They may not mean anything to you, but they are moments when I know a certain little boy was having fun and laughing helping Granddaddy, not posing for a photographer in a stiff outfit he hated with a parent threatening his life if he didn’t smile (because we have all done that before haha).  Just think about adding yourself or a grandparent into the pictures of these type common things or even other ideas such as: swinging, picking up pecans, throwing rocks in the river, eating ice cream, picking grapes, baking cookies….

If you are interested in learning more about “A Whole of Love” session, contact me.  Also, if you would like to book a “Mommy and Me” or “Daddy and Me” session, please contact me.  I have very little availability left for May and June, so please don’t wait.

Remember, I have gift certificates available as well.  Sessions don’t have to be done before Mother’s Day or Father’s Day- just give the gift of a session!

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