Newborn Hospital & Lifestyle Sessions

Newborn Hospital Sessions:

So many expecting mothers ask about the hospital sessions, and if I think they should include them in their baby plan or just start with the Newborn Lifestyle Session photographed in their home.  My answer is always YES!  Never again will your baby be hours or even a day old.  The wrinkly feet and creased ears quickly smooth out.  The baby grows and changes in looks  Allowing a professional photographer to document the first hours of your baby’s life is so special.  I have mothers who want me there as soon as the baby is born to mothers who want me to be there the day after, once things have calmed down a little.  These pictures are very similar to my Newborn Lifestyle Sessions, which also feature baby Grayson in this blog post.  They are candid, real moments.  In the hospital, lighting is not always great, visitors will come in and out no matter what and even the doctor may pop in for a quick check.  It is all part of the experience, and what a wonderful experience it is!

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions:

I have found that these are some of my very favorite sessions to photograph.  Yes, they can be tiring for me as the photographer.  But, they are meant to be relaxing for you as the parents.  You don’t have to bundle up the baby, pack the diaper bag and ALL the necessary items to carry your newborn to a studio.  Instead, I come to you and will spend at least a couple of hours in your home.  Yes, the baby will cry.  It will need to eat.  You will need to eat.  Everyone will need breaks.  That is why these sessions are so perfect.  All of this is expected.  Your house doesn’t have to be spotless.  You have a newborn- I have had two myself.  Trust me, I get it.  I get all of it.  I may choose to shoot in places you never dreamed…I follow great sources of natural light.  We will talk well in advance about minimal props needed to include wraps, blankets, your ideas, my ideas, etc.  The goal is to photograph you welcoming your new bundle of joy home, no matter how tired you may be or how overwhelming things may be at first…you will look back and LOVE seeing and remembering the first few days of your child’s life.  Let me capture those special memories for you.  Baby Grayson is the first McDonald baby, so no siblings at home…BUT, families with multiple children are so much fun to photograph with a new baby in the house.  I will feature one of my favorites in the next blog post.  For now, this is baby Grayson…who was photographed twice by me in his first week of life.  I am just in love with his images, and I can’t wait to photograph his whole first year! <3


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