And This Is How It Goes

If I have never photographed your child or you have never seen me work, then you wouldn’t understand why at the end of a session, I am usually drenched in sweat, makeup smeared, covered in grass and more…

Taking pictures of small children could be simple, but if it is simple, you aren’t doing it right- at least that’s my opinion.  I believe in capturing all the the little things that show your child in a true light- no matter what age.  The pictures you see featured in this blog post are of 6-month-old Easton.  He is so curious!  He is teething, grass is a new feeling to his bare feet, leaves are a new taste and he is so intrigued by his surroundings.  I am the last thing he wants to focus his bright blue eyes upon!  These are just a few of the images taken during his session yesterday.  I simply wanted you to see how it isn’t as much about the location, the clothes or even props, as it is about the child or children- the feelings captured by what I see through my camera.  I suggested his mama be in a few of the shots, and she happily agreed.  You will never regret looking back at those photographs and remembering the little moments.  Wardrobe malfunctions, lint between tiny little toes, slobber for days…all the things that make up life as you know it. 

The pleasure that comes from looking over images like Easton’s make my heart so happy.  Sometimes, we, myself included, get caught up in being so busy that we forget to sit back and really take in sessions and how they are all unique and special for the families and children who are being photographed.  Each one is different.  Each family has their own story.  As they say, we don’t meet people by accident.  They are meant to cross our paths for a reason.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful clients.  I am blessed to call this my “job.”  I am thankful for the opportunities that cross my path, and the ability to grow my business in so many new ways.  Living in a small town, one might think it is hard for something like a photography business to survive.  The truth is, it is very much the opposite.  We are all different.  We all contribute to the world of photography in our own way.  As one of my clients just recently told me, “there is enough sun for everyone to shine.”  Such a true statement!  I shine in the moments, the memories and the love of a hobby that has turned into so much more! 

Sweet baby Easton, I can’t wait to finish your gallery!

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